Studio Eva Grubinger
Berlin, Germany
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Eva Grubinger, Eva Grubinger Studio, Meyerheimstr.3, 10439 Berlin, Germany

International VAT Identification-No. DE 203742454, VAT Identification No: 31/342/01080

Assistants: Lidia Cruz, Ismail El Abd, Marco Garavoglia, Zorica Medjo, Anna Pomazannaya, Isabel Vargem, Lisa Wegmershausen, George Zautashvili, Zofia Zuchowicz

Photographers: Bernd Bess, Matthias Bildstein, Marcus Bredt, Helmut Claus, Sylvain Deleu, Christina Dimitriadis, Werner Feiersinger, Edouard Fraipont, Ulrich Ghezzi, Mattias Givell, Annette Hauschild, Jerry Hardman-Jones, Markus Hawlik, Florian Holzherr, Karl Kühn, Annette Kradisch, Simon Lamunière, Stefan Lux, Roman März, Norbert Miguletz, Dave Morgan, Jakob Neulinger, Erik-Jan Ouwerkerk, Dennis Paeschel, Ludger Paffrath, Daniel Poller, Christian Schepe, Max Stockburger, Johannes Stoll, Uwe Walter, Wolfgang Wössner

Translations: Emilie Blomberg, Nicholas Grindell, Barbara Hess, Clemens Krümmel, Allison Plath-Moseley, Sigrid Stoffels

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